Access to Food

Some people, especially those with low income, may face greater barriers in accessing healthy and affordable food retailers, which may negatively affect diet and food security.
African American family together outside their home

Early Learning

Are Missouri's youngest citizens receiving the educational supports they need?

Environmental Vulnerability

Understanding the risks posed by extreme heat and precipitation events can help Missourians prepare against environmental vulnerabilities.

Mental Health Needs and Services

Missouri is ranked 31st in the nation on effectively addressing issues related to mental health and substance use among children and adults.

Understanding the Local Tax Base

The revenues that fund local governments come from a variety of sources which vary across the state geographically. But across Missouri, the tax base is shifting, creating potential budget shortfalls.

Labor Force Dynamics

Understanding the forces that drive workforce dynamics and population migration is important for community economic planning and development.
Forage Systems Research Center in Linneus, MO

Missouri Agriculture

Missouri's agriculture industry and related economic activities combined add $88.4 billion to the state economy.

Broadband Infrastructure

There is wide inequity in access to broadband internet across Missouri. Lack of access is cited as a top concern in communities across the state, and the data provides evidence of the link between internet access and economic opportunity.