Nonprofits, Social Determinants, and Health  

View locations of nonprofit organizations in your community. Toggle map layers to view neighborhood level data on social determinants (area deprivation index) and health outcomes (life expectancy) Use the “query” tool to search by nonprofit organization name or category.

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Regional Connections Starter Map  

Explore the local culture across Missouri with the Regional Connections Starter Map. Data includes Missouri Community College Service Areas, Libraries, MU Extension Office Locations, Higher Education Facilities, National Historic Register Sites, and locations related to Arts, Culture, and Humanities. Supplemental data from the USGS National Land Cover and the American Communities Project is also included.

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Financial Starter Map  

Explore the financial issues facing Missourians with map layers related to local economics. This starter map includes predatory loans, debt delinquency rates, average household income, unemployment rate, and median amount of debt in collections. Data related to debt is available by several types including medical, student loan, credit card, and automobile/retail.

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Housing Starter Map  

Get started with map layers related to housing, including eviction rates, vacancies, and mortgage refinance loan rates.

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Broadband Starter Map  

Are there differences between broadband access and utilization? Explore the data for your community with map layers from the American Community Survey and the Federal Communications Commission.

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Business Starter Map

Get started with map layers related to the business environment, including the labor market engagement index, locations of airports, and public libraries.

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Community Starter Map

Community Starter Map  

Get started with layers related to the community, including home loan originations, foreclosure rates, and places of worship.

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Food Access Starter Map  

Get started with layers related to food access including food deserts, population with limited food access, locations of major supermarkets and food pantries, and the Modified Retail Food Environmental Index Score from the CDC.

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Missouri Map Room

Discover and access thousands of mappable data layers. Create maps of your community and easily share them with others.

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Missouri Non-Profit Dashboard  

This dashboard shows the total number of 501c(3) and 501c(4) organizations in the state of Missouri and the rate per 100,000 per county. Use the selector tool in the header to filter to a particular county and see what types of organizations are in that county.

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Grand Challenges

Grand Challenges Report

The MU Extension Grand Challenges Report is designed to support annual summaries, community assessment, and strategic alignment across MU Extension.

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Census Planning Footprint

2020 Census Outreach Planning Tool  

The 2020 Census Outreach tool identifies “hotspots” for outreach based on three primary factors: 1) 2010 Census response rate; 2) rates of poverty, and; 3) daily response counts for the 2020 Census.

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Missouri EATS

Missouri EATS Food Assessment Tool

The Missouri EATS Food Assessment is designed to help communities start the conversation about building a stronger community food environment. Missouri EATS is a community development process designed to identify local assets and needs, develop a plan to act on top priorities, and make sustainable changes to enhance local food systems.

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Broadband Access Story Map  

There is wide inequity in access to broadband internet across the state of Missouri. Rural areas in particular lack sufficient infrastructure to supply high-speed internet to residents as well as the business community.

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What's New

What’s New in Maps?

Our team is updating data on an ongoing basis – check here for the latest!

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BRR Featured Image

Building Regional Resilience  

Using a research-based index system, the Building Regional Resilience Hub helps communities easily identify and compare counties based on their relative resiliency and vulnerability to the country as a whole. The indexes rank all counties into four quadrants based on their relative resilience and vulnerability to the national median in four main categories: social, economic, infrastructure, and environmental.

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VPF Sample

Vulnerable Populations Footprint Tool  

The vulnerable populations footprint tool is a compact mapping and reporting platform that identifies geographic areas with high rates of poverty and low educational attainment – the two indicators demonstrated to be the primary social determinants of population health. Thresholds for target area identification are adjustable, allowing the tool to be utilized in all geographic areas where regional rates may be higher or lower than the national average.

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Economic Snapshot

Economic snapshot allows you to build a report around counties of your choice with a set of basic economic indicators.

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Presidential Fellows

Presidential Engagement Fellows  

The Presidential Engagement Fellows map highlights upcoming and past speaking engagements across the state.

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District Explorer

District Explorer

Use the District Explorer to identify administrative, legislative and school districts that overlap with your community and find contact information for the official representatives of each district.

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SNAP-Ed Tool  

This is a dynamic, public portal that analyzes over 30 of the SNAP-Ed Evaluation Framework indicators. These data can be assessed at a local, county, state, or multi-state level.

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University of Missouri System Community Connect  

The University of Missouri System Community Connect website provides a space to showcase engagements between the Universities and their communities.

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Main Street Sign

Business & Community Report

This report provides a selected set of indicators related to businesses and communities. Maps and data are available for individual counties and groups of counties.

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