Mental Health Starter Map

Get started with layers including Mental Health Treatment Facilities, Mental Health Providers, Poor Mental health days, Mental Health Hospitalizations, and Beneficiaries with Depression.

Food Insecurity

Food Desert Starter Map

Get started with map layers related to food insecurity, including food pantry locations, population with limited food access and no vehicle, and food insecure population ineligible for assistance.


Substance Abuse Starter Map

Get started map layers showing mental health and substance abuse treatment facilities, drug overdose mortality rates, and total number of prescription opioid drug claims by ZIP Code.



Growing Stress On The Farm Story Map  

Growing Stress on the Farm is a report released in February, 2020 that describes some the economic challenges faced by farmers and the associated rise in mental health disparities in rural Missouri. This story map explores the issues and data in the report.


Diseases of Despair Story Map  

“Diseases of Despair” are behavior-related medical conditions among people, attributed to a bleak social and economic outlook. The three types of diseases of despair are drug overdose (including alcohol overdose), suicide, and alcoholic liver disease.

Rural Opioid Response Hub

Rural Opioid Response Hub  

The Rural Opioid Response Hub provides access to a collection of opioid-related data, resources, and tools. It is an online platform for communities across Missouri working to increase substance abuse prevention efforts and address social issues that contribute to the accessibility and abuse of opiates.

BRR Featured Image

Building Regional Resilience  

Using a research-based index system, the Building Regional Resilience Hub helps communities easily identify and compare counties based on their relative resiliency and vulnerability to the country as a whole. The indexes rank all counties into four quadrants based on their relative resilience and vulnerability to the national median in four main categories: social, economic, infrastructure, and environmental.

VPF Sample

Vulnerable Populations Footprint Tool  

The vulnerable populations footprint tool is a compact mapping and reporting platform that identifies geographic areas with high rates of poverty and low educational attainment – the two indicators demonstrated to be the primary social determinants of population health. Thresholds for target area identification are adjustable, allowing the tool to be utilized in all geographic areas where regional rates may be higher or lower than the national average.



Visit exploreMOhealth to review data on chronic conditions, create a needs assessment, or examine targeted health data specific to a particular county or ZIP Code in Missouri.



Health & Safety Report

This report provides a selected set of indicators related to health and safety. Maps and data are available for individual counties and groups of counties.