Educational Attainment

What skills are needed in my region?  

EDUCATIONAL ATTAINMENT: Explore sub-county levels of educational attainment. See areas where increases in high school graduation and post-secondary degrees are needed.

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Race and Ethnicity

Who lives in my region?  

RACE & ETHNICITY: Use this map to view selected racial and ethnic populations at a sub-county level.

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Recovery Friendly Workplace  

The Recovery Friendly Workplace initiative empowers workplaces in Missouri to support people affected by substance use disorders and those in recovery. Visit the hub to learn more about the impact of substance use disorders and how to become a designated Recovery Friendly Workplace.

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Workforce System

Understanding Missouri’s Workforce System

Authored by Rob Russell, Director of Labor and Workforce Development at University of Missouri Extension, this quick-read guide provides an overview of the major workforce development actors and programs in Missouri.

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Engagement Guide

Engagement Resource Guide

Use the Workforce Development Engagement Guide to get started identifying partners, joining local conversations, and building on existing programs.

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Workforce Development Story Map  

This story map explores four factors affecting workforce development across Missouri: population change, commuting impacts, workforce training, and skills mismatch. Use this story map to explore workforce gaps, opportunities, and partnerships.

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Broadband Access Story Map  

There is wide inequity in access to broadband internet across the state of Missouri. Rural areas in particular lack sufficient infrastructure to supply high-speed internet to residents as well as the business community.

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Economic Snapshot

Economic snapshot allows you to build a report around counties of your choice with a set of basic economic indicators.

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University of Missouri System Community Connect  

The University of Missouri System Community Connect website provides a space to showcase engagements between the Universities and their communities.

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Main Street Sign

Business & Community Report

This report provides a selected set of indicators related to businesses and communities. Maps and data are available for individual counties and groups of counties.

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