Recovery Friendly Workplace  

The Recovery Friendly Workplace initiative empowers workplaces in Missouri to support people affected by substance use disorders and those in recovery. Visit the hub to learn more about the impact of substance use disorders and how to become a designated Recovery Friendly Workplace.

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Health Engagement Resources

Use this handout to find tips, strategies, and resources to help you engage in communities to improve health and health equity across Missouri.


Social Determinants of Health Story Map  

Use this storymap to explore data layers related to social determinants of health (SDOH). Data layers included are related to the various SDOH domains, SDOH and health outcomes, health disparities, and non-profits and community well-being.

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Missouri Non-Profit Dashboard  

This dashboard shows the total number of 501c(3) and 501c(4) organizations in the state of Missouri and the rate per 100,000 per county. Use the selector tool in the header to filter to a particular county and see what types of organizations are in that county.

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Hospital Bed Usage by COVID-19 Patients  

This dashboard shows how many hospital beds are in use by COVID-19 patients as a percentage of overall usage and see the overall facility capacity. Larger points represent higher overall bed capacity while a darker color represents a higher percentage of beds being used by COVID-19 patients. Data Source: Department of Health and Human Services.

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Health Assets

UM System Health Care Finder  

The easy-to-use tool has mapped 205 UM System health care resources across the state — from a pediatric endocrinology clinic in Kirksville to Tele-Behavioral Health Services in Marble Hill. Using key words, zip codes and geographic areas, Missourians can locate these UM System health care assets and services near them.

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Grand Challenges

Grand Challenges Report

The MU Extension Grand Challenges Report is designed to support annual summaries, community assessment, and strategic alignment across MU Extension.

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Impact Data Sheets  

Explore how UM System impacts your community. Find out how many students, employees and alumni live in your county, congressional, senate or house district. Learn about UM System properties, health and Extension services.

Workforce System

Understanding Missouri’s Workforce System

Authored by Rob Russell, Director of Labor and Workforce Development at University of Missouri Extension, this quick-read guide provides an overview of the major workforce development actors and programs in Missouri.

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Engagement Guide

Engagement Resource Guide

Use the Workforce Development Engagement Guide to get started identifying partners, joining local conversations, and building on existing programs.

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Workforce Development Story Map  

This story map explores four factors affecting workforce development across Missouri: population change, commuting impacts, workforce training, and skills mismatch. Use this story map to explore workforce gaps, opportunities, and partnerships.

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City and County COVID-19 Dashboards

CARES has developed these dashboards in conjunction with local health departments, to facilitate the display of COVID-19 related information for their communities.

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COVID-19 Tools and Resources

Get started with tools and maps exploring data related to the Covid-19 pandemic including new cases, testing information and vulnerability footprints.

MHA Weekly Dashboard

External: Missouri Hospital Association COVID-19 Dashboard  

Weekly dashboards help government leaders, local public health officials, health care organizations, and businesses understand the influence of COVID-19 on their communities, and make informed decisions when protecting citizens, customers, employees and patients.

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COVID-19 Vulnerability Footprint

The COVID-19 Vulnerability Footprint identifies vulnerable communities across the nation, defined as having high concentrations of older populations, the uninsured, and high population density. Thresholds for target area identification are adjustable, allowing the tool to be utilized in all geographic areas where regional rates may be higher or lower than the national average.

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Community Wellbeing Report

Community Wellbeing Report

The Community Wellbeing Report provides a foundational set of indicators to begin addressing social determinants of health in local communities.

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Missouri EATS

Missouri EATS Food Assessment Tool

The Missouri EATS Food Assessment is designed to help communities start the conversation about building a stronger community food environment. Missouri EATS is a community development process designed to identify local assets and needs, develop a plan to act on top priorities, and make sustainable changes to enhance local food systems.

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Broadband Access Story Map  

There is wide inequity in access to broadband internet across the state of Missouri. Rural areas in particular lack sufficient infrastructure to supply high-speed internet to residents as well as the business community.

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Rural Opioid Response Hub

Rural Opioid Response Hub  

The Rural Opioid Response Hub provides access to a collection of opioid-related data, resources, and tools. It is an online platform for communities across Missouri working to increase substance abuse prevention efforts and address social issues that contribute to the accessibility and abuse of opiates.

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What's New

What’s New in Maps?

Our team is updating data on an ongoing basis – check here for the latest!

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