Growing Stress On The Farm Story Map  

Growing Stress on the Farm is a report released in February, 2020 that describes some the economic challenges faced by farmers and the associated rise in mental health disparities in rural Missouri. This story map explores the issues and data in the report.


Diseases of Despair Story Map  

“Diseases of Despair” are behavior-related medical conditions among people, attributed to a bleak social and economic outlook. The three types of diseases of despair are drug overdose (including alcohol overdose), suicide, and alcoholic liver disease.


Mental Health Starter Map

Get started with layers including Mental Health Treatment Facilities, Mental Health Providers, Poor Mental health days, Mental Health Hospitalizations, and Beneficiaries with Depression.

Food Insecurity

Food Desert Starter Map

Get started with map layers related to food insecurity, including food pantry locations, population with limited food access and no vehicle, and food insecure population ineligible for assistance.


Broadband Access Story Map  

There is wide inequity in access to broadband internet across the state of Missouri. Rural areas in particular lack sufficient infrastructure to supply high-speed internet to residents as well as the business community.


Broadband Starter Map

Are there differences between broadband access and utilization? Explore the data for your community with map layers from the American Community Survey and the Federal Communications Commission.


Substance Abuse Starter Map

Get started map layers showing mental health and substance abuse treatment facilities, drug overdose mortality rates, and total number of prescription opioid drug claims by ZIP Code.