Resource Explorer Starter Map  

This map shows locations of local food businesses in the state of Missouri. Customers can find farmers markets, food pantries, as well as direct contacts to farmers near them that are selling different food items. Other resources are listed such as schools, hospitals, and other demographic information.

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Public Safety Starter Map  

Get started with layers about public safety, including motor vehicle crash fatalities, drug arrests, violent crime, and domestic violence.

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Nonprofits, Social Determinants, and Health  

View locations of nonprofit organizations in your community. Toggle map layers to view neighborhood level data on social determinants (area deprivation index) and health outcomes (life expectancy) Use the “query” tool to search by nonprofit organization name or category.

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Workforce Development Story Map  

This story map explores four factors affecting workforce development across Missouri: population change, commuting impacts, workforce training, and skills mismatch. Use this story map to explore workforce gaps, opportunities, and partnerships.

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Social Determinants of Health Story Map  

Use this storymap to explore data layers related to social determinants of health (SDOH). Data layers included are related to the various SDOH domains, SDOH and health outcomes, health disparities, and non-profits and community well-being.

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Growing Stress On The Farm Story Map  

Growing Stress on the Farm is a report released in February, 2020 that describes some the economic challenges faced by farmers and the associated rise in mental health disparities in rural Missouri. This story map explores the issues and data in the report.

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Diseases of Despair Story Map  

“Diseases of Despair” are behavior-related medical conditions among people, attributed to a bleak social and economic outlook. The three types of diseases of despair are drug overdose (including alcohol overdose), suicide, and alcoholic liver disease.

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Community Starter Map

Community Starter Map  

Get started with layers related to the community, including home loan originations, foreclosure rates, and places of worship.

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Environment Starter Map

Get started with layers related to the environment, including Soil Taxonomy Order and Hydrologic Soil Group.

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Missouri Non-Profit Dashboard  

This dashboard shows the total number of 501c(3) and 501c(4) organizations in the state of Missouri and the rate per 100,000 per county. Use the selector tool in the header to filter to a particular county and see what types of organizations are in that county.

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Infant Mortality

Infant Mortality, per 1,000 Live Births by County  

This map shows the number of infant deaths under one year of age. Infant mortality is an important indicator for assessing well-being, healthcare access, and factors related to environmental justice.

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Algebra Proficiency

Algebra I Proficiency, Percent by County  

This map shows the percent of students who scored proficient or above on the Algebra I End of Course Exam (EOC). Proficiency scores for math and reading are important for identifying gaps, opportunities, and emerging issues.

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Food Access Starter Map  

Get started with layers related to food access including food deserts, population with limited food access, locations of major supermarkets and food pantries, and the Modified Retail Food Environmental Index Score from the CDC.

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High School Dropout

High School Dropouts, Percent by County  

This map shows the percent of students who leave high school before graduating. High school graduation rates and dropout rates are important for assessing the well-being, health outcomes, and the economic future of a population or community.

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Financial Starter Map  

Explore the financial issues facing Missourians with map layers related to local economics. This starter map includes predatory loans, debt delinquency rates, average household income, unemployment rate, and median amount of debt in collections. Data related to debt is available by several types including medical, student loan, credit card, and automobile/retail.

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Substance Abuse Starter Map  

Get started map layers showing mental health and substance abuse treatment facilities, drug overdose mortality rates, and total number of prescription opioid drug claims by ZIP Code.

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Unhoused Youth

Homeless Children and Youth, Percent by County  

This map shows the percent of youth by county reported as being without housing. Understanding unhoused populations can help to address issues related to poverty, healthcare access, educational attainment, and workforce development.

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Low Birth Weight

Low Birth Weight, Percent by County  

This map shows the percent of live births where the infant was recorded weighing less than five pounds, eight ounces. Low birth weight data are important because they help address issues related to community well-being, healthcare access, and nutrition.

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Broadband Starter Map  

Are there differences between broadband access and utilization? Explore the data for your community with map layers from the American Community Survey and the Federal Communications Commission.

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Business Starter Map

Get started with map layers related to the business environment, including the labor market engagement index, locations of airports, and public libraries.

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School attendance

School Attendance Grades K-12  

This map shows the percentage of hours attended by public school students grades kindergarten through 12. School attendance rates are important to increasing access to educational opportunities, educational attainment, and community well-being.

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Regional Connections Starter Map  

Explore the local culture across Missouri with the Regional Connections Starter Map. Data includes Missouri Community College Service Areas, Libraries, MU Extension Office Locations, Higher Education Facilities, National Historic Register Sites, and locations related to Arts, Culture, and Humanities. Supplemental data from the USGS National Land Cover and the American Communities Project is also included.

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Abuse and Neglect

Child Abuse/Neglect, rate per 1,000 Children Age 0-17  

This map displays the number of substantiated child abuse/neglect investigations for children under 18 in the state of Missouri. Data on child abuse and neglect can help to identify and prioritize outreach, education, and services to vulnerable communities and populations.

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Agriculture Starter Map

Get started with layers related to agriculture, including the NRCS Crop Productivity Index, Net Farm Income, and locations of Animal Feeding Operations, CSAs, and On-Farm Markets.

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Juvenile Crime

Juvenile Law Violation Referrals, per 1,000 Youths Age 10-17 by County  

This map shows the number of youth referrals to juvenile courts in Missouri for acts that would be violations of the Missouri Criminal Code if committed by an adult. Youth crime data can be used to assess community well-being, address issues related to housing, and predict morbidity and mortality.

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Teen births

Teen Births, Rate Per 1,000 Females Age 15-19 by County  

This map displays the rate of teen births by county. Teens are considered those youth between the ages of 15 and 19. Teen birth data help to identify vulnerable populations and areas of greatest need.

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Mental Health Starter Map  

Get started with layers including Mental Health Treatment Facilities, Mental Health Providers, Poor Mental health days, Mental Health Hospitalizations, and Beneficiaries with Depression.

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Broadband Access Story Map  

There is wide inequity in access to broadband internet across the state of Missouri. Rural areas in particular lack sufficient infrastructure to supply high-speed internet to residents as well as the business community.

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Housing Starter Map  

Get started with map layers related to housing, including eviction rates, vacancies, and mortgage refinance loan rates.

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Youth Mental Health Starter Map  

Get started with layers related to youth mental health, including homeless youth, youth mental health centers, and adverse childhood experience (ACES) scores.

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