Thriving Communities Starter Report

Build a report with indicators from the Thriving Communities collection. Learn about selected county population demographics and indicators about community vitality, belonging, and contribution, as well as the overall well-being and thriving measures.

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Missouri Health Department Communicable Disease Dashboards

We have partnered with several health departments to create these communicable disease dashboards that show up-to-date information about the number of cases for various diseases that have been documented in their service areas. The cases being tracked range from animal bites to STDs, flu, and more! See the number of cases over time, and when data is available, broken out by age and sex. Dashboards are also available in Spanish!

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Rural Opioid Response Hub

Rural Opioid Response Hub  

The Rural Opioid Response Hub provides access to a collection of opioid-related data, resources, and tools. It is an online platform for communities across Missouri working to increase substance abuse prevention efforts and address social issues that contribute to the accessibility and abuse of opiates.

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Powered by the University of Missouri System Broadband Initiative, the Missouri Broadband Resource Rail is a coordinated effort to support the build-out of reliable, high-speed internet infrastructure across the state of Missouri. The Broadband Resource Rail aims to connect communities to resources and expand the use of broadband-based applications that strengthen economic opportunities, educational access, and well-being.

Community Wellbeing Report

Community Wellbeing Report

The Community Wellbeing Report provides a foundational set of indicators to begin addressing social determinants of health in local communities.

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Grand Challenges

Grand Challenges Report

The MU Extension Grand Challenges Report is designed to support annual summaries, community assessment, and strategic alignment across MU Extension.

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Visit exploreMOhealth to review data on chronic conditions, create a needs assessment, or examine targeted health data specific to a particular county or ZIP Code in Missouri.

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Building Regional Resilience  

Using a research-based index system, the Building Regional Resilience Hub helps communities easily identify and compare counties based on their relative resiliency and vulnerability to the country as a whole. The indexes rank all counties into four quadrants based on their relative resilience and vulnerability to the national median in four main categories: social, economic, infrastructure, and environmental.

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Impact Data Sheets  

Explore how UM System impacts your community. Find out how many students, employees and alumni live in your county, congressional, senate or house district. Learn about UM System properties, health and Extension services.


University of Missouri System Community Connect  

The University of Missouri System Community Connect website provides a space to showcase engagements between the Universities and their communities.

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AgSite Assessments can help facilitate discussions with landlords, tenants, or crop advisors. Assessments also help agriculturalists explore new production alternatives, learn more about land before purchases, and support lending and real estate appraisal activities.

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Missouri Intel for Ag  

The Missouri Intel for Ag site serves as a resource to help Missouri producers learn about alternative agriculture opportunities that are available and assess these opportunities based on a given producer’s local market opportunities, level of expertise, financial position and available agronomic and machinery resources.

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Economic Snapshot

Economic snapshot allows you to build a report around counties of your choice with a set of basic economic indicators.

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Missouri Immunization Report

This report provides access to state’s only source for public, accessible state and local data about immunizations and exemptions for vaccine-preventable diseases in Missouri.

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Missouri EATS

Missouri EATS Food Assessment Tool

The Missouri EATS Food Assessment is designed to help communities start the conversation about building a stronger community food environment. Missouri EATS is a community development process designed to identify local assets and needs, develop a plan to act on top priorities, and make sustainable changes to enhance local food systems.

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Health Assets

UM System Health Care Finder  

The easy-to-use tool has mapped 205 UM System health care resources across the state — from a pediatric endocrinology clinic in Kirksville to Tele-Behavioral Health Services in Marble Hill. Using key words, zip codes and geographic areas, Missourians can locate these UM System health care assets and services near them.

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Impact Report 2

Combined Impact Area Report

Create a report with over 200 data indicators from across all of the four impact areas.

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Missouri Source Water Protection and Assessment

Missouri Source Water Protection and Assessment  

The Missouri Source Water Protection and Assessment portal is a tool for water system administrators and the public to access information to all public drinking water systems in the state of Missouri. The portal includes access to detailed reports for each system including maps, contaminants, well and surface water intake data and susceptibilities.

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VPF Sample

Vulnerable Populations Footprint Tool  

The vulnerable populations footprint tool is a compact mapping and reporting platform that identifies geographic areas with high rates of poverty and low educational attainment – the two indicators demonstrated to be the primary social determinants of population health. Thresholds for target area identification are adjustable, allowing the tool to be utilized in all geographic areas where regional rates may be higher or lower than the national average.

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SNAP-Ed Tool  

This is a dynamic, public portal that analyzes over 30 of the SNAP-Ed Evaluation Framework indicators. These data can be assessed at a local, county, state, or multi-state level.

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Presidential Fellows

Presidential Engagement Fellows  

The Presidential Engagement Fellows map highlights upcoming and past speaking engagements across the state.

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Recovery Friendly Workplace  

The Recovery Friendly Workplace initiative empowers workplaces in Missouri to support people affected by substance use disorders and those in recovery. Visit the hub to learn more about the impact of substance use disorders and how to become a designated Recovery Friendly Workplace.

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